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I'm sure that many of you know or have read about Pam's endeavours with the Huntington Lighthouse.  She has been the president for the past 14 years and been involved in the non-profit group for over 21 years!  I guess you could say it is a labor of love.  She has been in the press, on TV and all over talk radio about the project during the past year...just google her name.

The lighthouse has given back to us in many ways since it was saved thru the Annual Lighthouse Musicfest,  the Lighted Boat Parade in Huntington Harbor the day after Thanksgiving and numerous tours during the summer season.   She is an icon of this beautiful waterfront community but to keep her shining, continuous restoration goes on.  One of the last large projects that will protect her for the next 100 years is to match a New York State Historic Preservation MATCHING Grant that was awarded to them in the early part of this year in the amount of $250,000.00.  What it means is:  if we raise $250,000.00 then NY State will match the funds for this very important project. 

The concrete base (foundation) has eroded away in the past 100 years on three corners and the rip-rap (large boulders that are surrounding the foundation) have shifted and slid due to increased wave action from boat traffic and 100 years of storms and ice.  This must be repaired or 27 years of hard work will be lost!  It is a huge undertaking but it is done all the time to structures like this. 

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